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A fresh take on WC seat design

EVOLUTION - enhanced development of an industry leading SoftClose® product is an apt description for this new Award Winning series of toilet seats. Our market leading SoftClose® technology has been re-dimensioned for the EVOLUTION series to create an unprecedented, flat design which still offers the highest comfort, practicality and reliability.

CosySeat - the toilet seat with feel-good factor

Feel the heat!

A cosy comfortable temperature - that's the new CosySeat made by Hamberger Sanitary. When the lid is opened the system is activated which heats the toilet seat within a few seconds to a lovely comfortable temperature.

CombiMat - combines the best

One toilet seat, all the advantages

CombiMat toilet seats from Hamberger Sanitary combine the advantages of 2 different classic materials into one product. With the CombiMat models the seat and cover are made of different materials making the most of their diverse advantages. The cover is made of pure thermoset. This makes it extremely resistant to scratches and creates a durable outer layer with a high quality ceramic-like appearance which will look it’s best for many years. The seat however, is made of thermoplastic material which offers a pleasant, warmer touch to the skin and is very tough and resistant to aggressive chemicals

Thorough cleaning made easy

HARO WC seats with TakeOff® mean that you can keep any toilet nice and clean

Toilets need to be hygienic and clean and easy to keep that way. Anyone who likes to err on the side of caution should consider getting a HARO WC seat with TakeOff®. The WC seat can be easily removed in one swift hand movement, without the need for any tools – blink and you'll miss it! It also makes cleaning child's play. 

HARO WC seat with TakeOff® – for all-round perfect cleaning

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SoftClose® pure

The new low-cost SoftClose® system of the HARO brand

In its unique SoftClose® automatic closing system, Hamberger Sanitary has provided the solution for more convenience in the bathroom and toilet for already ten years.
A slight touch is sufficient for SoftClose® toilet seat to gently and quietly close automatically. A convenient thing you wouldn't want to miss.

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Hamberger Sanitary - a company with a long tradition

The no. 1 in Europe. With 100 years' experience

The Hamberger family began to manufacture WC seats in 1912. Today, Hamberger Sanitary products are the result of the company's unrivalled wealth of experience in the sanitary industry.

Hamberger Sanitary - 100 years of WC seat expertise

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Tango in the Bathroom. WC Seat Malong from Hamberger Sanitary: Inspirations in fiery red and cool black

Delicate black lace on dark red velvet, cool passion and hot rhythms: Conjuring up the world of the tango and the flamenco, Hamberger Sanitary has introduced two vibrant new colours for the award-winning Malong WC seat series. The new look shows off the sizzling red and cool black associated with these passionate dances.

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HARO's new WC seat hinge is as strong as they come

You can tell straight away: this hinge is seriously strong. This redesigned hinge is the ideal solution for toilets that have high functional and safety requirements, especially public toilets, which are put under heavy stress and strain where you need products that are resilient and durable. 

HARO's new hinge – guaranteed safety, even for toilets under heavy stress and strain

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No more loose toilet seats

SolidFix - a steadfast interlock to face the difficulties of your daily project life

How doesn't know this annoying problem: the toilet seat is loose or slips, because the fixations become loose.

Entirely new in the range is now the innovative SolidFix fitting, which guarantees a steadfast interlook for use in public toilets in particular.

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Minimalist and elegant

New ultra-slim SC seat added to the HARO product range

Hamberger Sanitary alredy managed to wow the design world with its "Mondena" model and won the renowned Design Plus prize for its totally new, slick design. There continues to be a clear trend, both from a technological and sanitary perspective, for slim, minimalist designs. Stripped back to the bare essentials, this is pure design at its best. With sharp lines and an ultra-slim design, the new HARO "Ray" WC seat adopts this trend and has the potential to become a design classic. Its heavily streamlind design makes it a real head-turner. The perfect WC seat for any discerning design enthusiast!

The new "Ray" (above) and the classi "Mondena" (below) - minimalist and elegant

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Perfectly designed functionality

Ingenious WC Seat with added value

People that need that little bit of help in their daily life will no longer have to do without stylish designs. Practical, harmonious and charming - the new "Haromed" WC Seat from Hamberger Sanitary is presented in all of its perfectly designed functionality

HARO Design Family

The modular toilet seat system

3 designs + 3 mounting types - that is the simple formula with which Hamberger Sanitary reduces the selection of the correct toilet seat to its most important aspects. Based on a seat ring that fits universally on all standard ceramic as a "platform", with 3 entirely differently designed toilet seats, three entirely new designs were created:

New 'Match and Fit' Concept from Hamberger Sanitary.

For nearly every ceramic brand Hamberger Sanitary has developed a WC seat to match it. Distributors and installers now have an even easier way to find the right one: With the 'Match and Fit' concept, HARO has redesigned its price list to offer key information for decision-making at a glance.

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Silent and soft: SoftClose automatic closing system

Everybody knows the annoying sound of clattering toilet lids. We have the solution. For years Hamberger Sanitary has distributed the automatic closing system "SoftClose" on the market and has set a standard in the sector.

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