The higher the requirements, the more reasons speak for HARO CareLine
CareLine is the product line for highest hygienic safety

Hygienic safety is particularly important with a high frequency of use in the welfare sector and in commercial applications. When you don't want to take any risks, you should choose our CareLine product line.

Prepared for all challenges and thoroughly tested

Wherever added comfort and safety is required, WC seats need to meet especially high demands concerning durability, hygiene and easy maintenance. CareLine is best equipped in this respect. All seats of this product line feature particularly sturdy hinges and comply with the strict DIN 19516 standard. They are regularly tested in additional quality tests and demanding load tests. Some CareLine models are also equipped with the specially developed, highly effective ACTIVE SHIELD hygiene protection finish.

For our customers this means a high standard of safety and the reassuring feeling of being able to comply with all request for proposal criteria when seeking contracts for fitting out premises.

Product overview HARO Careline

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ACTIVE SHIELD provides preventive hygiene

Everywhere where large numbers of people gather, the risk of bacteria build-up increases accordingly. Therefore stringent requirements apply when planning public and welfare facilities, in particular. Especially for these facility we recommend ACTIVE SHIELD. A protective coat that reliably avoids the growth and spreading of germs and bacteria by antibodies assimilated in the plastic.

ACTIVE SHIELD is skin-friendly, totally odourless and affect neither the stability nor the surface hardness and colour. Equipped with this protective coat, the CareLine seats reliably fulfil even above average standards in public and welfare facilities without problems. This gives planners, architects and purchasers the possibility to eliminate hygiene risks right from the beginning.

Product overview HARO Careline