It's people that matter

This applies for us in business life too. For this reason, our advice is always individually targeted. Every one of our commercial partners in the wholesale trade, export or OEM business is not only provided with information, but is given total personal support. To ensure that our sales staff are not just a voice on the telephone, we'd like to introduce them to you personally here.

  • Ingrid Hujer-Seebacher
  • National Sales Manager
  • +49 8031 700 - 254


Welcome! This is the Wholesale Team. We've got everything under control. From our extensive product range to logistics. We know the market, the trends and what customers want and are happy to advise you competently on the choice of products to help you to be even more successful.

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  • Berndt Schwaiger
  • Sales Director OEM
  • +49 8031 700 - 671


Hi! We're the OEM Team. We specialise in working with industrial customers in the sanitary fittings sector. We'll provide you with advice on those products of ours that are going to become your products. Competently and with an eye to the market. We'll coordinate your ideas with our Development and Production teams, making special lines and individual orders possible.

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  • Jürgen Morlock
  • Export Director
  • +49 8031 700 - 260


Hello! welcome to the world! You'll find our Export team wherever you need it. You have the market - we have the suitable solution. You can rely on our logistics in the heart of Europe: for us, the world is always equally far-off. Your shipments will be delivered quickly, efficiently and reliably - worldwide.

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  • Bettina Heilmann-Abtmeier
  • Sales Director DIY
  • +49 8031 700 - 356

Welcome to DIY.

WC-Seat-Selector zurück Welcome to DIY. Using our extensive experience we can create a bespoke toilet seat range for you across weight, shape, colour, features and benefits; complete with a full POS solution. From our production sites in Europe and Asia we guarantee contemporary logistic solutions as well as qualified, committed service.

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