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HARO WC seat with SoftClose automatic closure system

HARO WC Seat without SoftClose

WC seats from HARO are available in many different price categories. For the exact prices, ask your specialist shop. Whether you choose a toilet seat which is good value for money or one of our designer models, when you buy a HARO product, you always buy top quality.

The closed non-porous surface offers the best requirements for optimal hygiene. For easy and efficient cleaning, we recommend you use neutral soap or mild washing-up liquid which you have at home. Simply remove the residues of the cleaning products with enough clear water. Leave the seat and lid open while there are strong cleaning products in the WC bowl.

Many of our seats are available in different colours. With our WC Seat Selector all toilet seats from our range of products can be displayed in the colour of your choice.

There are many reasons to use HARO toilet seats. See for yourself!

Wide choice

Be it a premium design object or classical shapes, shiny white or modern colours, high-quality Duroplast or body-warm Thermoplast, HARO WC seats provide just the right thing for every taste and in every price category.

Innovations for more comfort and hygiene

Even if it looks like that on the first glimpse, toilet seats aren't just toilet seats. HARO toilet seats offer just that little something special! Whether it is the SoftClose automatic closure system - just a fingertip touch and the toilet lid closes gently and silently - or TakeOff - the complete toilet seat can be detached just by hand - for a particularly easy and extensive cleaning process. You won't want to miss these small conveniences: they will make it easier for you to choose a HARO WC seat.

Quality starts with the material

We make no compromises when it comes to the materials used for our toilet seats. Whether Duroplast or Thermoplast, only the best quality is good enough for our seats. Be it about stability, durability, longevity, easy maintenance or hygiene, with our quality assurance and material tests, our strict inspection and tests procedures eliminate material defects. Various certificates and quality awards have confirmed this again and again. For more information on the various material features, click here.

Quality toilet seats by HARO are only available in sanitary specialist shops via your plumber. In our list of retailers you will surely find a specialist shop in your area.

Our wide range of products provides the right toilet seat for almost every ceramic. With our WC Seat Selector you can find all the right WC seats quickly and easily.