The advantages of HARO WC seats

  • Large selection of models for all areas of use
  • Available in all fashion shades and sanitary ware colours
  • Ideal for new and replacement purchases
  • A wide range of materials, e.g. Duroplast, Thermoplast
  • Successful combination of hygiene and comfort
  • Innovative assembly and care solutions 


Things you can rely on

HARO uses only high-quality materials that guarantee maximum stability and break resistance. But we don't rely on only alone. The buffers, hinges and the seats themselves have to stand up to toughest conditions in long-term tests. In this way we make sure that they will meet even the highest demands in daily use. The sophisticated hinge system guarantees that there will be no adjustment problems – neither for your taste and style nor for the installer.

HARO® WC Seats always fit...

Our models are compatible with up to 90% of the standard models of all well-known ceramic manufacturers. But special dimensions do not represent a problem, because HARO WC Seats can be adjusted using the eccentric hinges at any time.

... measure your ceramic:

  1. Measure the distance between the fixing holes in the ceramic, hole centre to hole centre
  2. Measure the length from hole centre to the furthest point of the front edge of the ceramic (generally in the middle).
  3. Measure the maximum width of the ceramic, outside edge to outside edge.
  4. Find the right HARO WC Seat: The dimensions of your ceramic and your favoured material are decisive when selecting your WC Seat. The effective length of a WC Seat depends on its length and on the adjustment range of the hinge type it uses. The dimension table included in the HARO Price List shows you which possibilities the different combinations offer (seat length +/- adjusting possibilities).

If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact our service team.